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The flower spirits are trying to return home, but they can’t seem to find their way, and are destroying the gateways to home in the process! Play as Botabot to stack up the flower spirits and help them pass through the right gateway in this 1-2 player action-pack game. Use Botabot’s nifty speed, precision, and power-ups to guide the little critters on the right path before they accidentally destroy the gates for good!

Created By: Thousand Stars Studio


Sally Luc (Game Designer, 3D Artist, Rigger, Animator) 

Parth Soni (Game Designer, Developer, Character Artist, Visual Effects)

Link: http://www.thousandstarsstudio.com/ 

Install instructions

Simply download the .zip file and extract it to your computer. Open the folder, double click on "Botabot" (it has a cute purple icon), and play! This game is best played with XBox Controllers. 


Botabot.zip 42 MB


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An awesome little co-op game that's super accessible!

excellent 👍